What is com.sec.android.easymover.agent? [Answered]

In this article, we will discuss what is com.sec.android.easymover.agent on Samsung phones and its functions.

Providing so many good facilities to the customer is not an easy thing to do, but Samsung has been doing it since it entered the technology industry. 

We have written many articles about these package files that Samsung provides to its customers. This time there is another file people are searching for on their smartphones. Unfortunately, they haven’t found their desired answer. 

As usual, we are here to provide you with the best possible knowledge about these package files. 

Basically, this Com sec android easymover agent is the package file name of an app called Smart Switch Agent.

Let’s talk about this in detail. And you can also check out What is com android captiveportallogin on Android Phones.

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What is Com.sec.android.easymover.agent on android?


As we mentioned above, this is the package file name of a Smart Switch Agent app. A package file is a type of file that is used to operate that app and in which all the data for that app resides. 

This app is developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., which we all know is a well-known company worldwide. The main purpose of launching this app is to transfer all the data from a smartphone to another one when someone changes their device. 

This is the app’s only function; except for this, there is no other feature.

It’s also worth noting that the Smart Switch Agent app is free on the Google Play Store, making it easily accessible to Samsung users. Many users have given the app positive feedback, describing it as an efficient and simple way to transfer data to a new device.

used com.sec.android.easymover.agent meaning 

“Used” is usually used in files only when the file is in use. In other words, your smartphone is currently using this file. 

There is no other meaning for this user file.

Is com.sec.android.easymover.agent virus? 

Absolutely not, because, as we discussed above, this app was developed by Samsung itself. So Samsung will not make any type of virus for us for sure, and moreover, they always develop apps to help users and make their work easier. 

Should I remove com.sec.android.easymover.agent?

remove com.sec.android.easymover.agent

At least, we don’t recommend you do so. Because shifting to a new smartphone will help you transfer your mobile data from your old device to your new one, 

So don’t take any steps before having complete knowledge about that technology. Please ensure that removing any app from your smartphone that you no longer need will not cause any major issues with your daily usage. 


As we’ve discovered, Com.sec.android.easymover.agent is actually the package file name for Samsung’s Smart Switch Agent app.

Its primary goal is to make data transfers from one smartphone to another as simple as possible for users. The good news is that it is free and can be found on the Google Play Store.

We also addressed some common questions about this app, such as whether it’s a virus and whether it’s okay to remove it. Rest assured that it is not a virus, and we don’t recommend removing it, especially if you plan on transferring data to a new device.

That was the end of this topic; we hope you learned something new. We thank you for staying with us till the end of the article. We hope you liked our efforts in our research on this topic. 

Don’t forget to highlight your thoughts about this article in the comment section. Thank you.

Can I transfer data from an iPhone to a Samsung device using the Smart Switch Agent app?

No, this app is not designed for data transfer from an iPhone to a Samsung device.

What is the purpose of the Smart Switch Agent?

The primary purpose of the is to make it easy for users to transfer data from one smartphone to another.

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