What is Samsung apex service on android phones? 2023

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So most Samsung users are facing this issue of a small green dot on the top right of the screen. When they access that notification, which is related to this green dot, they get a message that the Samsung Apex service is using their microphone. 

There are so many queries about this topic, but because there is little information on the internet about this topic, they often return disappointed

Most often, people tremble in this situation, thinking that someone is recording their personal activities.

So stay tuned with this article; we have given all the information related to this topic. And you may also be interested What is Private Compute Services app on Android Phones.

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What is Samsung apex service on my phone?

what is Samsung apex service

Basically, Samsung Apex service is an application developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. As this application is developed by Samsung, it is obvious that it is only available for Samsung devices. 

This application is used in the installation process of lower-level system modules. This format makes it easier to update system components that do not fit into the standard Android application concept. 

This would be one of Samsung’s innovations as part of its amazing initiative to provide the best quality service to users.

What does com.sec.android.app.apex Mean?

Com.sec.android.app.apex is a package of this Samsung ApexService app. A package is a file that includes a collection of codes that come together to form a feature. Moreover, this is the place from which the whole application operates and in which all the data for that application resides.

Deleting this package will directly impact the functioning of that app on your device. So be careful that you don’t delete any kind of package file from the device, especially when that package relates to a system app. 

Why is Samsung apex service using microphone?

As we discussed above, this app is used in some installation processes for smartphones. So there could be some update related to the microphone at the time when you see that it’s using the microphone. 

There is only one solution for the green dot that appears on the top of the screen, indicating that it is using the microphone. Simply restart your device, and it will no longer be active. 

Is Samsung apex service spyware?

Is Samsung apex service virus 

Absolutely not. As we mentioned above, this app was developed by Samsung itself. So it is clear that this is not spyware, as Samsung is a well-known tech brand in the world. It is for the user’s convenience, for sure. 


So that was all about this article. We hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something from it. At last, we just want to say that you should stay updated with the latest version of your device’s OS. This will keep all your data secure and safe. 

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How to fix samsung apex service keeps stopping?

If you are experiencing issues with the Samsung Apex Service app you can try to Force stop the app and then restart your device.

What does samsung apex service do? 

It is primarily used during the installation process of lower-level system modules on Samsung devices. It makes it easier to update system components that do not fit into the standard Android application concept

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