What is the Samsung KMS agent on an Android phone? 2024

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We all know Samsung has a very big role in empowering our world with technology. Because of Samsung’s contribution to bringing technology to the world, today we are here talking about the features of Samsung devices.

It is one of the features of Samsung devices that Samsung introduced to the world in mid-2016.

It was initially released in the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, and now it’s a pre-installed feature in all Samsung’s smartphones, obviously because of its vital role in the maintenance and protection of Samsung devices.

Now let’s discuss in detail this service from Samsung and explore its amazing features in our daily lives. And also check out What is com.google.android.webview on your smartphone.

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What is the Samsung KMS agent app?

What is Samsung KMS agent app

Samsung KMS Agent, also known as SKMS Agent, is a system app that comes pre-installed on Samsung devices and helps enable eSE-based (Embedded Secure Element) mobile NFC services.

eSE helps secure chips used to store sensitive data, such as payment passwords and digital IDs.

Here are some features of SKMS that a user needs to know:

  • It helps you to secure all your payments and transactions through Samsung Pay and other payment services.
  • You can store your IDs, like driving licenses and passports, digitally on the eSE chip. Which can be used for contactless identification whenever needed.
  • It also helps to secure your device from unauthorized access from suspicious sources.

So these were some of the features of SKMS. These seem to be some important features that a user needs to know about.

Unfortunately, some people often think that it’s a virus or spyware, but as we discussed above, it’s not what they think. It’s a really helpful service provided by Samsung to their users so that every sensitive action of a user will be encrypted.

We all know that Samsung has it’s own security management system called Knox Security. It is one of the best security management systems for smart devices. It’s sad to know that some people are ignoring its notification by thinking that it’s malware by Samsung.

Samsung KMS agent is an important part of Knox; ignoring its important notifications can put your device in serious danger.

Do I need this Samsung KMS agent?

Do I need Samsung KMS agent?

Yes, you definitely need Samsung KMS Agent because it’s a part of Samsung’s security management system called Knox.

KMS Agent helps you encrypt every sensitive move you make on your device, like payments, storing digital IDs like passports and driving licenses, filling out credentials on some websites, securing sensitive folders on your device, and many more.

People need to have the best-in-class device security system to stay away from hackers or fraudsters.

Is Samsung KMS Agent spyware?

No, Samsung KMS Agent is not spyware, but it plays a vital role in managing your device’s security system.

It’s a part of Knox security on Samsung devices. Knox was developed by Samsung in 2013 to protect their users from suspicious sources that are spread all around the world.

How do I uninstall the Samsung KMS Agent?

Samsung KMS Agent uninstall

No, you cannot delete or uninstall this Samsung KMS Agent because it’s a system app and comes pre-installed on some mid-range Samsung devices. Apart from that, it’s a security service provided by Samsung, so it can’t be deleted.


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Related FAQs

What is the Samsung KMS agent app used for?

It is a system app pre-installed on Samsung devices that enables eSE-based mobile NFC services.

Can Samsung KMS Agent be disabled?

While some system apps can be disabled on Android devices, it is generally not recommended to disable the KMS Agent app.

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