What is com.google.android.webview and is it safe? 2024

Are you looking for the best answer to your query about “com.google.android.webview”? You have landed on the right website for it. We will ensure that you get every single piece of information about this file in this article.

We all know that Google is the world’s most used search engine, so all the smart phone companies support Google on their phones as their default browser.

Another motive for providing such a favor is that Google owns Android, and the majority of smartphones in the world are powered by Android.

And com.google.android.webview is a pre-installed system component on most Android devices.

Let’s get straight into this article and find out what features are provided by this system app to a common smartphone user.

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What is com.google.android.webview?

what is com.google.android.webview

com.google.android.webview is a pre-installed system feature on your Android phone by Google. It’s mainly a mini web browser engine embedded within the app, allowing the app to display web content without needing to open a separate tab.

It was developed by Google for its Android users. We all know that Google continues to make helpful tools for their users and make their work easy and smooth. This webview is also one of the products of Google’s initiative.

Here are some of the amazing features of this com.google.android.webview:

Webview within the app: The main feature of this package file is that it opens up a separate window for browsing within the app without needing to open a separate tab.

Improving the app’s performance: It enhances the overall performance of the app on which the webview is functioning. Because the user doesn’t need to open another tab for the browser.

One more step towards security: somehow it creates a safe environment for browsing within the app and makes your whole process of doing work smooth.

So these were some of the key features of this package file. For Android users, these features are very helpful.

Is com.google.android.webview spyware?

is com.google.android.webview safe?

No, it is not spyware, but it’s a feature of Google on Android phones that displays a separate window for the browser within the app without opening a new tab.

Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t know how to use it. That’s why they always get confused by its name.

Should I uninstall com.google.android.webview?

com.google.android.webview uninstall

No, this app is a system app by Google for all Android devices, so it cannot be deleted. It’s part of the device’s overall performance.

Most people think that it is useless, but that’s not true for everyone. For some people, it is a part of their daily work.

So, the decision to disable or keep WebView depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you’re unsure about its importance, it’s best to leave it enabled to avoid any errors.


That was all about this article. We hope you liked it and learned something new about it. By reading this article, we can conclude that every feature of your device has been made for some purpose.

Everybody has a different lifestyle and job profile, and accordingly, they have different uses for their smartphones. For some people, the feature is useless, but for some groups of people, its nothing less than a blessing.

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Do system apps consume a lot of storage space?

System apps generally consume minimal storage space compared to user-installed apps.

Are system apps necessary for the proper functioning of Android?

Yes, system apps are crucial for the proper functioning of Android. They handle core system processes and services required for the device to operate smoothly.

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