What does Purple Circle around Snapchat Bitmoji Mean?

Today, we’ll explain what the purple circle around the Snapchat Bitmoji means.

There are hundreds of social media platforms in the world but some have made their name and the rest have failed to connect with people around the globe.

Among those popular platforms, Snapchat is one of them and has made a significant position in the market of social media for a very long time. 

Snapchat is an instant messaging app that was released in September 2011 and was based on the idea of sending pictures to friends and family.

And If you’re a Snapchat user, you might have noticed a purple circle around your Bitmoji avatar in the app.

But what does it mean? Is it a new feature or just a glitch? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the purple circle around Snapchat Bitmoji and what it signifies. And you may also like Best Snapchat Friend Emojis Ideas.

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Why is a circle around the Snapchat profile picture?

What is the Purple Circle around Snapchat Bitmoji?

On Snapchat, the purple circle indicates that fresh material is accessible to friends on the user’s profile. To view the story, tap it. The purple circle on Snapchat signifies this.

There are many colors in this app to attract the user and increase user engagement, but it also has a huge impact on differentiating all the features of this app. 

Social media accounts often alter their features to improve user experience. Some users can find it challenging to utilize such an app, and they would wonder what use it is.

These are some of the indicators that make a good user experience, and that’s the reason this app has grown so much worldwide.

There is such great planning behind the making of this app that the users got to stick with it for a long time and it never feels boring, even after an hour of scrolling. 

Now let’s find out the reason behind the purple circle around the Snapchat Bitmoji. 

What does Purple Ring around Bitmoji Mean on Snapchat?

Because the stories website uses a purple color scheme, new stories from your friends appear with a purple ring around them.

Stories are also available right here on the Chat page. If a friend has just posted a new tale you should read, it is indicated by a blue ring around the story.

The purple color around the person’s profile means that the person has posted a new story that you haven’t seen yet. And whenever you see those stories, that purple color will automatically be removed from the profile.

Last Words

We hope you like our article about what is meaning of the Purple Circle around Snapchat Bitmoji.

Everyone loves to share their daily routines with this app.

But some new users face problems with this app because of the totally different interface from other social media apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and one of them is the purpose of the purple circle around the Snapchat Bitmoji. 

The main benefit of the new color-coded function is that it makes it easier for users to find fresh material.

The purple ring would remain on Snapchat for 24 hours along with the story, serving as a crucial promotional tool for the social media account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the yellow circle around bitmoji Snapchat?

A yellow dot on Snapchat might indicate that you have been added. You have the option to add this person back if they added you as a friend using your Snapcode or username.

How to get rid of the yellow dot on Snapchat?

To get rid of the yellow dot on Snapchat, Users only need to press the profile symbol or the Bitmoji on the Snapchat camera screen to receive the notice.

The yellow dot will immediately vanish after viewing all of the unread notifications.

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