How to find YouTube Saved Videos 2023

This blog will help you know how to find YouTube-saved videos on your Android or iPhone.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google. We all know that YouTube is the best website for any kind of video learning purpose. Everything from makeup to cooking to cat videos and much more is available.

You can also create playlists of millions of videos on YouTube, including your favorite music videos, clips of yourself and your friends, and any other videos.

Many people don’t know where you saved their Youtube videos, So we come up with this article to help those people.

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How to Find YouTube saved videos on any phone

How to Find YouTube saved videos

Therefore, whenever we watch something on YouTube, if we like it, we want it to be saved in our YouTube account.

So that we can access that video whenever we want, without having to search for it again because we forget the title of the video. which makes it challenging to locate that video again. We, therefore, save that YouTube video out of fear.

Now after saving, if you don’t know where you saved it or from where you can access those videos then it will also be a situation of panic or sadness that you cannot access those videos even after saving them. so we are here to guide you from that situation.

You just have to follow our recommended steps wisely and you will be able to access your saved videos –

  • Open the YouTube application on your phone first.
  • Then you can see multiple sections at the bottom of the screen, and you can see yourself in the ‘Home’ section.
How to Find YouTube saved videos
  • Now go to the ‘Library’ section by just tapping on it.
YouTube saved videos
  • Now you will be able to see all the different options, among those options there will be an option named “watch later“. Just tap on that option.

  • Here you will find all of your saved videos but there is a problem with this. Your saved videos are arranged upside down, Which means your recently added video will be shown at the bottom of the list, and your old saved videos will be shown at the top of the list.

So, that’s all in this guide. We hope you’ll be able to find your saved videos.

How to find YouTube saved videos on a Desktop or Pc

How to find YouTube saved videos on Desktop or Pc

Follow our guided steps one at a time and you’ll be able to access your saved videos on the desktop.

  • First Open YouTube on any browser or the browser you use regularly.
  • You will now be on your YouTube Home page.
  • Now, make sure you’re using the same Gmail account you used to save your videos. The reason for this is, the videos you have saved are not saved on your computer or laptop, nor even in your browser; instead, they are saved in the Gmail account that you used while saving those videos.
  • After checking all that information, see it on the right side of the screen. You’ll find a slide with different options on it, in which you are currently in the ‘Home’ section.
  • Now tap on the ‘watch later’ section displayed on the slide with a clock icon.
  • Now you’ll be seen a list of all of your saved videos on YouTube.
  • Also, these all will be arranged upside down as they were in the Mobile application.

Where to Find download videos on the YouTube app?

There is a great feature on YouTube where you can easily download your videos in the YouTube and they will only be shown in YouTube’s Download section.

The important feature of this download section is that you may access your downloaded videos even when offline.

But in 2022, YouTube changed some of its features. You are now only able to download videos of low-to-medium quality. And if you wanted to save videos in high or full-HD quality, you had to pay for it. Paying for it simply means you have to purchase a premium membership to YouTube.

Now to find that Download section we are here with our guide for you. There is nothing to do in this part, same as we found our watch later videos we will find these too.

There is nothing new in this part, Just follow the above steps until you find all the different options after tapping on the library section.

You’ll see that there is an option for Downloads among those options. just tap on it to see the list full of your downloads on YouTube.

There is also a secret trick that you can use to find all of that downloads in one single step.

  • For this first turn off your internet connection (It should be noted that this step is only applicable to the YouTube mobile application.).
  • Then, with the internet turned off, open your YouTube mobile app and you’ll see all of your downloads in front of you. You can play all of them while still in offline mode.

Hope you liked our trick, if you like then take a look at our next guide.

How to save videos from Youtube

A popular use of YouTube is to store and maintain a library of educational videos and music that can be used on demand. Now we will look at how to save a YouTube video for later use.

Here are the steps on How to save a Youtube Video-

  • Look through the playlist for the video you want.
  • Click “Save” under the video.
  • Choose a playlist, such as Watch Later, or an existing playlist, or click Create new playlist. Enter a name for your playlist if you make one.
  • Select the privacy setting for your playlist using the box….
  • Click the Create button.

Video Guide: How do I find my saved YouTube videos on iPhone & Android

Last words

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on how to find your YouTube saved videos or the best way to find saved videos on youtube.

YouTube has become an integral part of our lives. It has made it possible to watch videos on all kinds of topics. If you’re looking to watch old videos again, you might want to know how to find YouTube-saved videos

If you have any other YouTube questions, or if you just want to leave us some feedback, please comment anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Find YouTube saved videos?

If you want to find saved youtube videos, Follow the given steps-
– Open Youtube
– Go to Library
– Now find the playlist where you saved your video

How to save videos from youtube?

If you want to save a youtube video in your phone library, You can search for download youtube videos online. Here you will find plenty of websites that will assist you to download videos from youtube like saving from net site.

Where are saved videos on youtube?

If you previously saved some videos on YouTube and are now unable to locate them, simply follow the steps below-
– First, open YouTube and navigate to the library section.
– Here you will find a playlist called watch later, which contains all of your saved videos.

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