Top 15 Funny Locations on Instagram 2023 

In this article, we will show you the Best Funny Instagram Locations ideas Tags, and how to add funny locations on Instagram posts.

Instagram is known for giving us a peek into people’s lives and showing us their personal experiences. With that in mind, some of the best photos on Instagram aren’t the ones that show off the most amazing places or beautiful objects.

Sometimes, the most intriguing Instagram photos are the ones that show us something that we’d never expect to see. That’s what makes these photos so funny.
These are 15 of the funniest Instagram locations Tags and we hope you find them as amusing as we do.

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How to add a funny location to an Instagram post

Now adding a funny location on Instagram is not a big deal. You have to add the sites as you usually do, the location will decide whether it is funny or not. There is no need to be at that location to add the location on Instagram.

You can be at home and add a location that is far away from your home. People generally add the location that they want to show in their posts. To do so, follow our steps one by one, and you’ll be able to add the location on Instagram. 

● Open your Instagram mobile application

● Now tap on the ‘+’ section displayed on the top of the home screen just right before the messages section. 

● Now select any image you want to post or you want to add the location.

● After selecting the image click on the arrow pointing to the next page on the right side of the top of the screen. 

● Now you can select the filter you want to add to your post. 

● Now, just like before, click on the arrow that points to the next page. 

● Now just below the image that you selected there is an option that says ‘Add location’ tap on that to add the location on your post. 

● Now you can also select your current location or nearby locations by clicking on the button shown at the front of the page. 

● You will see the list of your nearby locations and above that, there is a search bar to search your locations. Now search for any location that you find funny just by tapping on it.

Here is the list of funny locations on Instagram:

list of funny locations on Instagram

1. Shine bright like a Diamond 

2. Euphoria 

3. I need coffee 

4. Send Help 

5. Home Sweet Home 

6. TikTok 

7. Bob Ross Studios 

8. Planet Earth 

9. Making Magic 

10. Hungry 

11. Giveaway Time 


13. Hell on Earth


15. Virgin Island

Why should you add funny locations to your Instagram post?

Why should you add funny locations for your Instagram post? 

Help gain more engagement: This will help you to gain more engagement means people will stay on your post for a long time and will enhance your engagement

Instagram shows your post to more people just because people are liking it. This will also boost your all posts and you can get more likes from unknown people if your account is not private. 

● Help to get more organic reach: We discussed in the above step this is also called organic reach. People organically reach you just because of your posts.

There is no need to share your posts by yourself, people will automatically reach your post if your engagement is good. 

● More users comment on posts with funny Instagram locations: Funny locations somewhere entertain people and people often comment on something that they enjoyed watching so from this your comments will increase, which is also a good sign for engagement. 

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What will happen by adding Funny Locations to your posts?

Therefore, if you want to expand your business globally, advertising on Instagram is the most crucial strategy you can employ. If a profile’s postings include several different places, Instagram will display those posts to users who actually interested in that location.

Since hilarious locations are well-liked worldwide, using them in your pictures will enhance engagement on Instagram by attracting people who have ever searched for that location. people searching for that location will automatically see your post without searching your profile.

Popular brands use this technique to promote their product around the globe because this increase brand discoverability and people around the globe will reach their product automatically on Instagram.

So if you own a company and want to promote it on Instagram then try this technique and you will be able to promote it for free.

There is no need to add only funny locations on your posts; you can add any popular location you have ever noticed while scrolling on Instagram. Then you’ll be able to bring tons of organic traffic to your post, which can increase your sales if you are promoting a product.

Last words

We hope you enjoyed this article about funny Instagram locations. A funny Instagram caption enhances a photo significantly, and a funny location is like the icing on the cake.

It was a lot of fun to create, so we hope you enjoy the list! With that being said, we are always looking for new and exciting places to add to this list. If you have a suggestion for a good Instagram location, we would love to hear about it.

We hope you enjoy checking out our website for more interesting content about Instagram and other related topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add Funny locations on Instagram?

To add funny locations on Instagram, Follow the below steps-
– First, open your Instagram then Swipe left to post a Story and click on the emoji icon.
-Here Search for the “Location” feature.
– Now Search your the Funny location that you want to add to your Instagram post.
– At last Click on your location and place it where you want on your Story.

What are the benefits of using funny locations for your Instagram post? 

There are many benefits of using funny locations for your Instagram post like if we use funny locations it helps us to increase our organic reach. And it also increases our engagement rate because users comment more on posts with funny locations,

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