What is devicekeystring app on Android Phones? 2024 

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We are all aware of Samsung’s creativity and its service for users. So many apps from Samsung literally act as strong barriers to malware and spyware.

Similarly, this DeviceKeystring app was developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. to make sure that there is nothing suspicious about your internet connectivity. If you have a Huawei phone then you may also be interested in What is com.huawei.systemmanager on my phone.

Let’s talk about this in more detail. So stay tuned for this article. 

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What is devicekeystring app on my phone?

What is device keystring app on Android Phones

This app is developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. The main purpose of making this app was to secure the connection between the routers.

There’s very little knowledge that’s been disclosed by the developers, but some hints work well in finding out what exactly this app is.

By the way, this is a system app, and you cannot find it on the home screen for sure. This always stays in settings and runs from there.

Some authentication codes are present in the key chain that performs this whole task. As this is a security-related app, it would definitely need some serious permissions from our smartphone.

So let’s see what exactly the permissions are that this app has taken from our smartphones.

devicekeystring app permissions

Some users got afraid after seeing these permissions because these are some sensitive permissions and they didn’t even know about this app. But we hope that now they have all understood. Here are some of the permissions taken by this app.

  • Camera 
  • Location 
  • Storage 
  • Phone

What does com.sec.android.app.factorykeystring mean?

This com.sec.android.app.factorykeystring is nothing but the package of this app called devicekeystring. A package is basically a collection of codes that, when arranged in sequence, perform a function on smartphones.

All apps have their own packages on smartphones, and you can check in the settings that every app you use has its own package file in the system.

This package contains all that app’s data, making it the most important part of an app, whether it’s a system app or a third-party app.

Is devicekeystring malware?

Is devicekeystring malware

No, there’s nothing suspicious found by the developers in this app till date. Moreover, this is a system app that comes pre-installed on every Android smartphone, so it is clear that this app is completely safe.

Should I disable devicekeystring app?

This app is used in authentication processes, so it is clearly important for our smartphone’s safety. We should not disable it at any cost.

But if you still want to disable it, then you can do it in the settings. Disabling it would automatically remove access to this app from our smartphones, as it has some permissions.

By the way, permanently deleting this app is not possible because this is a system app. System apps usually don’t have the option to be deleted.


Thank you for reading this article about the devicekeystring app, and we hope it has answered your query well. At last, we just want to say that you shouldn’t blindly disable system apps and packages, lest your smartphone stop working.

Please don’t forget to leave a beautiful comment in the comment section to appreciate our efforts.

Are all system apps safe to use?

System apps are generally safe to use, as they are developed by reputable companies and are necessary for the proper functioning of the phone.

Can system apps be uninstalled from Android phones?

While some system apps can be uninstalled or disabled, others cannot be removed without rooting the phone.

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  1. This devicekeystring app turns on my wifi automatically without my knowledge while the phone has set up disabling automatic wifi. Stopping this not possible, as option to disable “allow this app to control wifi” is, shaded off.


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