What is com.samsung.android.app.smartcapture? Is it safe?

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We all know that Samsung is one of the tech giants in the world and provides us with the best possible service. But some of the major apps from Samsung that we don’t know exist are the real game changers for their smartphones, like this Smart Capture app.

Smart Capture is an app developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. The main feature of this app is to take big screenshots that are beyond the capture area of your device’s screen 

Let’s talk about this in more detail, so let’s jump into this article to find out the exciting features of this app.

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What is the Samsung Capture app?

Well, you don’t find this app on the home screen because this is a system app from Samsung. Usually, most of the system apps remain hidden in the settings so that they won’t be overcrowded.

The main feature of this app is to take big, totally customized screenshots from your device. This is the in-built feature from Samsung on all Samsung devices; unfortunately, this feature does not seem to be on smartphones from other brands.

It can also capture videos, which you can then convert into animated GIFs and share wherever you want in a matter of seconds. Editing them will also not be a headache anymore; you can edit them in the app itself in a few seconds.

The key feature of this app is that whenever you take a screenshot, you can choose the area you want to capture. Moreover, there is no need to edit the screenshot; after taking the screenshot, you can select the area you want to crop, which saves your after-editing time.

It is the most useful app for taking screenshots on smartphones. We should appreciate the efforts of the companies for making our work so easy and quick.

What is com.samsung.android.app.smartcapture on Android phones?


Basically, com.samsung.android.app.smartcapture is a package of the app called “Smart Capture.”

A package file is a collection of codes that, when run together, look like a feature. This package file is responsible for running this app on your device and has all the data related to this app. In other words, we can say that this file is the power hub of this app.

Is com.samsung.android.app.smartcapture safe?

Yes, obviously, this app is totally safe and secure. As we discussed above, this app was developed by Samsung itself for users struggling with capturing customized screenshots.

So there is a clear green signal for this app from us. You can let this app run on your device without any fear.

If we spot some light on the permissions taken by this app, they are as follows:

  • Storage (For accessing photos, media, and files) 
  • Camera (For taking pictures and recording videos) 
  • Microphone (For recording audio) 

These are very obvious permissions granted to a camera app, so there is no need to worry.

How do I delete com.samsung.android.app.smartcapture?

How to remove com.samsung.android.app.smartcapture? 

We don’t think deleting this app is a good option. As we discussed above, this app has nothing malicious other than providing the best feature for capturing screenshots.

But if you still want to delete this app from your device, you can do so by going into the settings of your phone. Then find this app and force-stop or disable it.

There is no other solution for this because this is a system app and we cannot permanently remove it from the device.


com.samsung.android.app.smartcapture is a Samsung system app that allows users to capture large, customized screenshots and videos on their Samsung devices.

It is safe and secure, and deleting it is not recommended due to the useful features it contains.

Thank you for reading this article to the end; that was all about this article. We hope you liked it and learned something from it.

Is com.samsung.android.app.smartcapture spyware?

No, com.samsung.android.app.smartcapture is not spyware. It is a system app developed by Samsung that allows users to capture screenshots and videos on their Samsung devices.

How can I access the Samsung Capture app?

It can be accessed through the quick settings panel or by pressing the power button and volume down button simultaneously.

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