What is com.samsung.android.app.appsedge? {Answered}

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We know that innovation is the key to success in this fast-growing world. One brand with more innovations can rule its niche, and on the other hand, brands that lack innovation also lack the ability to make progress.

This is the major reason for the success of today’s tech giants like Samsung and Apple. Among those creative productions, Samsung made an app called “Appsedge,” whose package file name is com.samsung.android.app.appsedge.

This app displays a floating window of your five most-used apps, saving most users time in finding those apps in a long list.

Usually, the most used apps are WhatsApp, Phone, Youtube, and Google. These are the most commonly used apps throughout the day for an average user. And also check out What is com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice on Samsung devices.

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What is com.samsung.android.app.appsedge on my phone?

com.samsung.android.app.appsedge meaning

As we discussed above, this app knows your five most-used apps and shows them to you in floating windows so that finding them is easier for you.

This amazing feature can be utilized in so many ways, like as a reminder for important meetings and dates, calendar shortcuts, camera shortcuts, and many more. This saves you time searching for those apps, and it also keeps you reminded of your most used apps.

So if you have any bad habits, like playing games all day, this will keep reminding you of them indirectly.

One exciting feature of this app is that the floating windows can also be viewed when the device is locked. Just swipe from the top, and you’ll see that window instantly.

This window can also be used to add widgets for weather and news. This is the overall package that this app provides and what makes it an interesting and useful app by Samsung.

Anyone with a Samsung smartphone can experience these amazing features of this app, but unfortunately, this doesn’t work on other smartphone brands. Other smartphone brands would probably have their own apps for performing such functions.

Is com.samsung.android.app.appsedge spyware?

is com.samsung.android.app.appsedge virus?

Absolutely Not, com.samsung.android.app.appsedge is not spyware or a virus. This app was developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., which is nonetheless a reputed brand.

It makes no sense that a tech giant has launched spyware on the market. So as we discussed all the features of this app, it seems to be a time-saving app for the users.

So from our side, this is a completely safe app to use, and you can use it without any worry.


Here are some of the permissions that this app has requested to successfully run on the system.

  • Storage (Access media and files of your device) 
  • SMS (To view and send SMS) 

How do I remove com.samsung.android.app.appsedge?

You will be glad to know that this app is removable. On some old Samsung smartphones, this app is not pre-installed in the system like other system apps. On the other hand, new Samsung smartphones come with this app pre-installed.

You can disable this app by going to the settings, selecting system apps, and then uninstalling the application. We are not sure that this same process will work on the latest devices from Samsung.

As this is an additional feature of a smartphone, it would have a toggle option for turning it on and off.


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Is it possible to change the app icons that appear on my Samsung phone’s home screen?

Yes, by installing a third-party launcher app, such as Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher, you can customize the app icons displayed on your Samsung phone’s home screen.

How do I manage my app notifications on my Samsung phone?

To manage app notifications on a Samsung phone, navigate to Settings > Notifications, and then select the app. You can then toggle notifications on and off.

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