What is com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice? 2024

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So basically, com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice is a package file of an app called “Edge Screen.” This app is responsible for all the customization of your home screen, like widgets and all that.

We all know that Samsung is a leading brand in providing the best-quality smartphones for Android.

Similarly, Samsung keeps upgrading its user experience, and com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice is a perfect example of it.

This provides users with a customizable interface on the home screen for their convenience. Let’s discuss it in detail.

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What is com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice on my device?

com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice meaning

This com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice is an app developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., especially for customers who want to customize their home screen according to their convenience.

This is Samsung’s pre-installed system app that acts as a feature in its OneUI. There are so many customizations that can happen with this app, for example, a clock, music controls, weather information widgets, news widgets, and many more.

This customization on the lock screen helps users save time and see all the important information directly on their lock screen.

It goes into a low-power mode when the device is in standby mode and only activates on the lock screen. This makes this cocktail bar service feature battery-efficient and somewhere that helps the performance of the device while running in the background.

Com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice is the package name of this feature that is developed by Samsung itself. A package name is basically a collection of codes that, when put together in an ideal manner, work as a feature.

Is com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice safe?

Is com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice spyware 

Absolutely Yes, it is a completely safe app to use or to remain on your devices. Furthermore, it is an app made by a reputed brand, so there is nothing to be worried about.

It is clear from the above statement that this wouldn’t harm your device at any cost because this is only a feature of smartphones.

Can I disable com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice?

No, as we discussed above, this app is a system app, and system apps cannot be permanently deleted from the device.

One thing can be done if you really want to delete this app from your device. Just go to the settings of your device and search for this package file name. After that, select this file and force-stop it or disable it.

This will stop the influence of this app on your device and stop it from functioning in the background as well.


Finally, com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice is a package file of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.’s Edge Screen app, which is a pre-installed system app. Users can personalize their home screens with widgets such as a clock, music controls, weather information, news, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Edge Screen app on Samsung smartphones?

The Edge Screen app comes pre-installed on Samsung smartphones and allows users to personalize their home screens with widgets and other features.

Is the com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice app a system app on Samsung devices?

Yes, on Samsung devices, the com.samsung.android.app.cocktailbarservice app is a system app, which means it comes pre-installed and is an integral part of the OneUI.

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