What is com.oppo.launcher on Android phones? {Answered}

Are you tired of searching for the right answer to what Com.oppo.launcher is on Realme and other Android phones, mainly Oppo smartphones?

Then, we are here to give the proper answer to your question and some of the highly searched questions related to this topic.

As we can see, there is a mention of Oppo in this file. So, it’s clear that this is somehow related to Oppo. This is a package of Oppo’s official launcher app, “System Launcher.”

This app is only developed for Oppo phones and comes pre-installed on them. So, nobody can install this on other smartphones. And most Android phones come with com.android.launcher3.

Oppo is a Chinese smartphone company owned by BBK Electronics Corporation Limited. It is widely popular for its smartphones but also manufactures power banks, audio devices, etc.

Let’s get back on topic and discuss this in detail. So stay tuned with us.

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What is com.oppo.launcher?

What is com.oppo.launcher in realme

Com.oppo.launcher is a package of System Launcher, the official launcher app for all Oppo phones.

A package contains a collection of codes, libraries, audio, images, and many other things an app needs to function properly. We can say that this is like an engine for apps to run on a smartphone.

Some people may get confused about the Color OS and this system launcher app. Oppo’s operating system is Color OS, and most people confuse Color OS with System Launcher.

Let’s briefly distinguish between a launcher and an OS.

A launcher only manages the home screen interface, which includes the widgets, animation while scrolling, weather forecast, app icons, and the overall look of the home screen.

The operating system manages the tasks on the phone, from managing the file system to controlling input and output.

Similarly, this is one of the best launchers for modern Android because it provides us with some of the best live wallpapers, cool themes, and icons for making a cool-looking home screen.

This means a launcher is a separate app running on the operating system. We hope that you have understood the difference between them.

Used.com.oppo.launcher means

Here, “used” only means that your Android device is using this file. There are so many technical meanings to this, but it would be a good definition in simple language.

Also, nothing is suspicious about this file; you can be laid back about security.

Com.oppo.launcher features and permissions

Com.oppo.launcher permissions

As we discussed above, this launcher is responsible for the look of the home screen of Oppo smartphones.

The home screen interface, app icons, different kinds of widgets, animations, wallpapers, etc., are provided by this launcher. This launcher runs on top of the operating system and plays an important role in enhancing the overall look of the home screen.

It is the big reason why Oppo smartphones are known for their cool home screen interface and optimized operating system.

Some permissions are granted to this launcher to run on smartphones. But there is nothing to worry about because the company has given these permissions.

We cannot change them at any cost because it can cause serious issues with the smartphone, and you might not be able to use the home screen.

Let’s take a look at those permissions:

  • Access to some sensors (gyroscope, vibration motor, etc.)
  • Access to Wi-Fi
  • Set wallpaper
  • Read settings

Also, there are many more permissions other than these, but these are the most important ones we’ve covered.

Is com.oppo.launcher safe?

Is com.oppo.launcher virus 

Yes, it is safe and secure because it was created by a well-known company and is pre-installed on their smartphones. So there’s no way this could be anything suspicious.

This is because every product of these tech giants undergoes proper security certifications from security organizations. After the approval of those organizations, they can sell or use the product on the open market.

Answering it in one line, don’t be afraid of a security breach while using this launcher. Be relaxed about all this.

Can I uninstall com.oppo.launcher?

No, there is no option to delete this launcher from the smartphone because it is the company’s default. They know that deleting it without proper alternatives could create some issues.

You can install new third-party launchers for your smartphones. There is no limitation on it; whenever you install the new launcher on your phone, the previous one or the default one will be disabled on its own.


Lastly, com.oppo.launcher is the package name for Oppo’s official “System Launcher” app.

On Oppo smartphones, it is responsible for managing the home screen interface, app icons, widgets, animations, wallpapers, and other visual elements.

It is completely safe and secure because it is subjected to appropriate security certifications from security organizations before being sold or used in the market.

Users can also install third-party launchers on their smartphones despite them not being uninstalled.

If you have any other doubts or issues related to launchers, you can comment on this post, and we will help you soon.

Are launcher apps free, or do I need to pay for them?

Many third-party launcher apps are free, but some may have a paid version with additional features.

Can launcher apps impact the performance of my smartphone?

Yes, a custom launcher app can affect the performance of your smartphone. Some launcher apps consume more resources and slow down your phone.

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