What is com.mi.globalminusscreen on Android phones? 2024

Are you wondering what com.mi.globalminusscreen is on your Android device?

Then you have landed on the right website, because we will share the best possible information about this file in this article.

This com.mi.globalminusscreen is a package file of the “App Vault” app on Xiaomi phones. But few people get afraid when they see these kinds of files on their smartphones. They remain careful when they find something suspicious on their devices.

Since there are certain cases where a package file is used to distribute malware, for example, the “Adobe Flash Player.exe” package file, malware gets installed on their device whenever the user opens it.

To ignore these malicious attacks, people started to check every single file on their devices. This is because these files often seem like legitimate software, but they are not.

Let’s talk about this file in detail and discuss some of its features. Plus, you can also check out What is com.miui.securityadd on Android phones.

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What is com.mi.globalminusscreen?

com.mi.globalminusscreen meaning

This com.mi.globalminusscreen is a package of an app called “App Vault.” This application provides all the most commonly used apps and services in one place and also provides shortcuts to their features without searching for them in individual apps.

Apart from this, it also provides all the trending stories from the internet. Just open your home screen, swipe right, and explore anything you want.

Hence, this is an incredible app for multitaskers and can help them do their work more efficiently.

Moreover, all the most frequently used features of all social media apps can be shown in one place. This would be an amazing feature for all social media enthusiasts who love scrolling through them and exploring fresh information.

If this feature is not showing up on your home screen, then try to find it in the widgets section. This feature competes with so many small widgets and comes with a whole package of features.

All the phones with MIUI have this feature, especially midrange smartphones. Some low-end devices may not have this feature, but other useful widgets can be used on those smartphones.

Is com.mi.globalminusscreen safe?

Is com.mi.globalminusscreen spyware? 

Yes, it is a safe and secure app. We all know that this app was developed by Xiaomi, which is a well-known tech company. So there is no doubt about their security and safety.

Big tech giants like Xiaomi have their own security measures to protect their products, which include encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. These are all industry-standard security measures that help protect user data from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Overall, Xiaomi has a good track record of security. Because their products are constantly tested for security vulnerabilities before they are launched in public.

But we are not claiming that the company’s security is unbeatable.

While no security system is 100% secure, there can be some loopholes. So make sure that you always keep the device up to date, protect your data with strong passwords, and are not fully dependent on the company’s security system.

Can I uninstall com.mi.globalminusscreen from my phone?

com.mi.globalminusscreen uninstall

No, you cannot uninstall this com.mi.globalminusscreen file from your device because this is a package of a system app and cannot be permanently uninstalled from the device.

People often try to delete these kinds of system apps by rooting their devices, which is completely unsafe.

Please keep in mind that if you uninstall important apps like the default launcher, gallery, camera, file manager, and so on, you must first install a third-party replacement.

Because removing these features from the device would cause a severe system crash. The outcome of this could affect the normal functioning of your device.

Also, if you are unsure about the consequences of removing any system apps, try disabling them first. If there are no problems, you can uninstall it later.


So that was all about this article; we hope it helped you clear your doubts. At last, we want to say that com.mi.globalminusscreen is a package file associated with Xiaomi phones’ “App Vault” app.

While some Android users may be concerned about the presence of such files on their devices, it is essential to note that com.mi.globalminusscreen is a safe file developed by Xiaomi, a reputable brand known for producing secure products.

If you have any other doubts regarding this vault app, comment on this post, and we will be happy to assist you.

How can I keep my Xiaomi phone safe?

To keep your Xiaomi phone secure, keep it up-to-date with the latest firmware and security patches.

Is it possible to reinstall com.mi.globalminusscreen if accidentally disabled?

If you have accidentally disabled com.mi.globalminusscreen or any other system app, you can usually re-enable it through the device settings.

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