What is com.huawei.android.internal.app on my phone?

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In today’s post, we’ll share with you all the information related to this topic and explore some amazing facts about it.

Notably, Huawei is the second-largest smartphone maker in the world after Samsung. So this states that it has captured a lot of the smartphone market.

It impressed tech enthusiasts and casual smartphone users alike. We think this is the primary reason for its success in the smartphone industry.

Now, Huawei has so many system apps, like other smartphone brands. This sometimes makes people anxious about a few system apps that they don’t even use in their daily lives but are on their devices. The same is true of this “com.huawei.android.internal.app.”

In this article, we are going to discuss this topic in more detail, so stay tuned with us. And you may also like What is com.huawei.android.launcher.

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What is com.huawei.android.internal.app on my phone?

What is com.huawei.android.internal.app?

This “com.huawei.android.internal.app” is a package for an app called Android hwresolver. A package is a collection of codes that contains updates, features, and some other necessary resources like an interface, images, or videos.

For example, whenever you install a new app on your smartphone, you are actually downloading a package. That package contains the code for that app and its interface.

Whenever there is a need to update that app because of some bugs in it, the developers change the whole package of codes and ask us to install it. This makes the whole process more efficient because it is better to install a whole new package instead of installing each component separately.

As this app is developed by Huawei Co., Ltd., it is obvious that this app only shows up on Huawei smartphones. There are some reasons to develop an app, just as there are some here. 

This app allows programs to emulate touch interactions on a device. This is generally utilized by apps that require user participation, such as games or productivity apps. 

This phenomenon is called faketouch. Some examples of faketouch are the mouse and remote, as the mouse pointer can be derived on the screen by moving it on the surface. The same is the case with a remote, as changing the functions of a device from a distance is also an example of fake touch.

We think this is enough for you to understand the concept of faketouch. Now let’s see some of the permissions granted to this application.

Permissions granted to com.huawei.android.internal.app

com.huawei.android.internal.app Permissions

This application is specifically used to set the applications to default use whenever they’re needed. For example, there are so many applications on a smartphone that can perform similar tasks.

So whenever you start doing something related to these apps, you either get a prompt option for selecting the app you want to proceed with or a default application takes over the whole task by itself.

This method of giving a default option to a particular app is done with these permissions. Usually, they are granted by smartphone companies during manufacturing, but you can also change them according to your convenience.

  • Android.Permission.WRITE_SETTINGS

This is the permission granted by the Android operating system to an app to modify device settings in order to perform their intended functions. However, apps are not allowed to change brightness, wi-fi connectivity, or screen timeout, but an app having permission to write settings can change these settings for its own functionality.

  • Com.huawei.gallery.permission.SHARE_CALLBACK

This is permission used to allow a third-party app to receive a callback from a gallery app wherever it tries to share a video or image.

This is a widely used permission on smartphones, as all social media apps always want access to the user’s gallery. So in this way, this permission works. One thing that should be noted here is that this app is only available on Huawei smartphones, as it was developed by Huawei.

But this doesn’t mean that other smartphone brands do not have access to this kind of service. Other smartphone brands have their own specially developed apps for this work, as social media works exactly the same on every device.

  • com.huawei.hwresolver.resolverReceiver

This is an important part of the Huawei resolver feature in Huawei smartphones. This is a system app designed to improve network connectivity and performance for a particular app and also select the best available network for it.

This function always runs in the background of Huawei smartphones and helps to ensure the network stability of an app or service, even in more challenging environmental conditions.

This might sound silly, but there are so many things that run in the background on a smartphone that our device’s basic functionality won’t be disturbed.

Is com.huawei.android.internal.app spyware?

Is com.huawei.android.internal.app safe

No, there is nothing malicious in this app; at least, we didn’t find anything suspicious in it. By the way, Huawei is a well-known brand, so we shouldn’t be worried about security and all that.

It’s important to note that not all apps or services with this package name are malicious or spyware.

This should be noted: all smartphone companies have to go through some really tough security checks and certifications from various industry-standard security organizations.

Whichever famous brands you see in the smartphone market have already gone through these tests. So be laid-back about your smartphone’s security and safety unless and until you yourself enter some malicious websites.

Can I uninstall com.huawei.android.internal.app?

No, there is no way that you can uninstall this function from your smartphone. It’s a system-level app on Huawei phones, and deleting it can cause a severe breakdown of the operating system. That’s why it is always prohibited to delete system-level apps.


So that was all about this article; we hope you liked it. So this concludes that this is a package of a system-level app, and we can’t remove it. Also, there’s nothing malicious in this.

Be aware of untrusted third-party apps and the permissions granted to them; also, do not remove the package of any system app.

So, was this article helpful to you? Comment down your thoughts in the comment box.

Why are system apps on my smartphone even though I don’t use them?

System apps are included in the operating system because they provide the phone with basic functionality.

Can I install com.huawei.android.internal.app on a device that isn’t a Huawei?

No, com.huawei.android.internal.app is a Huawei-only app that cannot be downloaded or installed on non-Huawei devices.

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