What is com.android.dreams.basic on my phone? [Explained]

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Com.android.dreams.basic is the package name of an app called Basic Dreams. This app comes pre-installed on Android devices.

With the built-in Android software, you can utilize your phone as a screensaver while it is locked or when using a Daydream headset.

This pre-installed app may also be present on your smartphone, working silently in the background and contributing to the overall functionality of your device.

Let’s talk about this in more detail in this article. There is also another app, like com.android.dreams.phototable, that may be present on your smartphone.

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What is com.android.dreams.basic?

What is com.android.dreams.basic

Com.android.dreams.basic is the package file name of an app called Basic Dreams. This is built-in software on Android phones that lets you use your phone as a screensaver when locked.

It provides a visually appealing and customizable way to display information or animations when the device is unused.

The software displays a range of graphics and animations, and you can customize the settings to your needs.

This feature is only compatible with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher, and it is absolutely free for all Android users.

As we all know, Google is well-known for its services, and every product from Google targets the best user experience. Google also developed a basic daydream app for all Android users to make their home screen look appealing.

You can use this app to display anything you want on your phone’s home screen while it is not in use. It won’t let your smartphone’s screen go off; instead, it shows interesting features like time, weather, photos, news, and more.

These can all be chosen by the users according to their convenience, whether it’s any photo or a news platform for daily news updates.

com.android.dreams.basic permissions

permissions  of com.android.dreams.basic

Permissions taken by this app are predictable and obvious, according to its service. Let’s take a look at all those permissions that this app requires for its proper functioning on a smartphone.

  • Draw over other apps.

This permission allows the app to draw on top of other apps, which is required for Daydream mode functionality.

  • Prevent the phone from sleeping mode.

This permission allows the app to prevent your phone’s screen from turning off, which is required for Daydream mode to function properly.

  • Read the phone’s state and identity.

This permission grants the app access to your phone’s hardware and software information, which is required to assess whether your phone is compatible with Daydream mode.

  • Full network access.

This permission allows the app to connect to the internet to download and update content.

So, these were the main permissions granted to this app by Android. If you are not happy with any one of these, you can uninstall this app. We will discuss how to uninstall this app later in this article.

used com.android.dreams.basic meaning

It could mean the Basic Daydreams app is now running on your device. This could be due to you using Daydream mode or the app running in the background.

According to the information available on the internet, it simply means that this app is installed in your device and currently uses your device’s resources like Battery, internet, processor, etc.

Is com.android.dreams.basic safe?

Is com.android.dreams.basic malware? 

The com.android.dreams.basic package is safe to have on your phone. Because it is a built-in Android app, it has been approved by Google. It is not any virus, malware, or spyware at all.

Also, It has been downloaded and installed by millions of users. There have been no reports of security flaws or malware linked to the program.

Overall, the com.android.dreams.basic package is a safe and dependable program for customizing your phone’s screensaver.

If you are concerned about privacy, you can disable the app’s permissions. However, if you do not use Daydream mode, you can safely uninstall the app.

Should I uninstall com.android.dreams.basic?

It’s upon you; if you do not use this app, you should delete it from your smartphone. By the way, being a pre-installed app, it can be uninstalled permanently, which is a great thing for users who struggle with their device’s daily performance.

Not much, but it can give a small relief for the processor because processors mostly struggle with handling background processing.


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Is it safe to use the built-in Android screensaver app?

Yes, using the built-in Android screensaver app is safe.

How can I uninstall the built-in screensaver app if I don’t use it?

You can uninstall this app through your device’s settings. Go to “Apps” or “Application Manager,” find the app, and click “Uninstall.” However, because it comes pre-installed, it may not be removable on all devices without root access.

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