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This com.android.dreams.phototable is a package name typically used for the photo table screensaver. This appears in many Android versions, like Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).

Android, as we all know, is well known for its customization and user experience. Having an Android device gives the user the freedom to explore the extreme features of the tech world.

The Phototable screen saver is one of the great features of Android that makes a smartphone more visually appealing while resting on a table. Similarly, com.xiaomi.mipicks is also helpful for Xiaomi users to download any app easily.

Let’s talk about this feature in more detail, so stay tuned to the article and explore the creativity of the Android world.

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What is com.android.dreams.phototable?

What is com.android.dreams.phototable

Com.android.dreams.phototable is a package of an app called “PhotoTable screensaver.” This app is also known as “Daydream” on some devices, but the features remain the same.

The key feature of daydream mode is that your device can show things like the clock, colors, and gallery photos one by one when your phone is resting on a table.

It shows up your photos by casually zooming in and rotating them, making them visually appealing to the viewer.

This Android feature is not available on all Android devices, but it varies between different manufacturers as to how they want to serve their products to their users.

What does “Used com.android.dreams.phototable” mean?

The term “used com.android.dreams.phototable” can have multiple meanings, but the most common one could be that your device is using this file. This also means that this file uses your device’s resources, like the battery, processor, RAM, storage, etc.

There are some cases in which a file seems legitimate but is actually malware. So, every user should be aware of those unknown files on their devices and check their usage on the phone.

Otherwise, so many dangerous files on the internet can badly infect your device and cause you to lose all your personal data within a minute.


This app requires several permissions on your device, but the most important ones are:

  • Access network state 

This permission grants the app access to network information, such as whether the device is connected to a network and the type of network.

It is required for the app to download photos from the internet.

  • Wake clock 

This permission lets the app keep the device’s screen on even when asleep. This permission is required so the app can display the photo table screensaver while the device sleeps.

  • Access Storage 

This permission enables the program to read files from the device’s external storage. The app requires this permission to access images stored on the device’s storage.

This permission is responsible for displaying gallery photos on the screen.

Is com.android.dreams.phototable safe?

Is com.android.dreams.phototable malware?

Yes, com.android.dreams.phototable is generally considered safe. Because it is a system app that comes pre-installed on many Android devices.

Furthermore, the fact that it is a preinstalled system app on an Android device indicates that it has been approved by Google.

We all know that Google is a tech giant, and if Google approves an app, that means it is safe and secure.

Should I uninstall com.android.dreams.phototable?

com.android.dreams.phototable uninstall

If you’re having battery issues with your device, then it would be a good idea to delete this app because it consumes so much of your battery and can drop your battery backup by up to one-third.

Apart from that, you can uninstall com.android.dreams.phototable, as it is not an essential app for the operation of your smartphone.

So you can safely uninstall it from your device.


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If I uninstall com.android.dreams.phototable, will I lose any data?

Uninstalling com.android.dreams.phototable won’t cause you to lose any data on your smartphone.

Can I use third-party screensavers on my Android device?

Yes, Android allows the use of third-party screensavers. You can download a variety of screensaver apps from the Google Play Store.

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