Instagram Story Viewer Order in 2023

This blog will solve your query about Instagram story viewer order or what the order of Instagram story views means.

Instagram Stories are a great way to increase visibility and gain more views. It’s developed into a fantastic way for companies to tell stories, increase follower engagement, and manage their visual marketing campaigns.

In the past couple of years, Instagram has changed a lot. From having a poorly designed interface to giving users so many options to improve their experience on the platform, Instagram has managed to stand out from the other photo-sharing platforms.

Users are interested in getting more and more features of this app. One of the features that Instagram has recently added is the ordering of stories.

The option is the most liked one, and it is reported that users are more interested in this feature than the stories’ duration.

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Aspects for the Instagram Story Viewer Order 2022

Instagram Story Viewer Order

Instagram story viewing order is determined by how much your followers interact with your content, including comments, time spent watching, likes, and other factors.

As we already know that Instagram is the most popular social media platform in the world. There would be few people worldwide who do not use this application especially if they are connected to the internet.

If we’re not wrong, this is one of the most used apps on our mobile.

This is no more a social media platform nowadays, this has become a business platform, and social interaction platform for a few years.

Now if we talked about the algorithm of that application then there is no surety given by any of the Instagram team in the public.

There are some meetings held by its companies with the Instagram department team heads but they disclosed nothing about the algorithms that how Instagram works especially the stories section.

But They gave some hints about in which direction the algorithms work but obviously, they didn’t talk directly. It can be because Instagram does not want people to know about its algorithms just like Coca-Cola’s secret recipe. Now according to that hints, we’ll tell about the estimated algorithms that we think Instagram follows.

Top viewers on Instagram story Depends on-

1. Number of Views

From our research, we concluded that the first 50 views are based on chronological order. Meaning that if you have fewer than 50 views, whoever sees your story first will be at the top of the viewer’s rating. So, if there are fewer than 50 users, this is how your Instagram story viewing order works.

But if these views are more than 50 then, it is observed that the 51st view of the story will be the person who stalks you. Now it can be reversed that the 51st one will be that whom you stalk every day.

Here the stalk word can be up to just viewing the profile not more than that. 

2. Follower engagement

Now if there are some things that the world does not know about Instagram then there are theories about the algorithm too, about Instagram’s story section.

There can be chances that the viewing order after 50 will be according to the engagement. How you are engaged with that person on Instagram or Facebook because Facebook and Instagram are now owned by the same owner so it can use the engagements of Facebook too.

This is observed that after 50 views all the others are according to your engagement on Facebook with that person, Whether you are friends on Facebook or not or from how much time.

So it is more likely that the 51st user can be your friend on Facebook and all others too and are ranked according to your engagements on Facebook. 

3. Direct messages

There is also a touch of direct messages on Instagram in the story viewing order. This might be the chance that the person on the top after 50 is in your DM’s top position or you often talk to that person with DM’s.

This you have to be checked on your own. So this is also a reason for the story viewer list on Instagram. 


Now comment section is also included in this list or order. There might be the chances that the people on the top will be those who are your good friends (In the DM’s) or they are active in your posts or story’s comments section every time.

That means they comment every time on your post and stories. Here DM section is automatically included means we are going on the right path.

Order of Instagram Story Viewers Highlights

What Is The Instagram Story Viewer Order?

The order of Highlights of the stories is in the same order as your latest updated highlight.

Suppose you added a story today and you put that story into your highlights named “My Photo”. NowThe “My Photo” highlight will be in the front or in the first position and the second and third will be according to your recent updated dates.

If you make a new highlight then that new highlight will be in front until you added a new story to another highlight. 

Story highlights are also very important for engagements with people, This is like a memory of your added stories that everyone can see even if he/she is a new follower of yours. This always reminds you of your previous activities and encourages you to go in the right direction. 

What does the order of Instagram story views mean?

Instagram Story View Order

The Instagram story view order is displayed in a non-chronological order. This means the order in which you see your story views are not in the same order as they were posted.

This is done to ensure that the most relevant stories must be at the top of your story feed.

As an example, if you post a story about a recent event or a story about something amazing you did today, your story will be displayed at the top of your story view. This is to ensure that your story is seen by the most people.

Ways to increase our Instagram Story Viewers Reach

There is no such shortcut for this but there are some tasks that you can complete to properly execute the algorithms and increase your Instagram Story Viewers.

Create Unique Stories

Creating unique stories will let others stay on your stories for a long time to see how you made it and this will increase your engagements on Instagram.

Also if you have a public account then sometimes unknown people also view your story but leave without following you.

Making attractive stories will let people start following you. This will increase the number of followers as well as provides a stable audience for a long time. 

Ask Questions to your followers

Asking Questions to the followers is a great way to increase their engagement with them.

You just have to put a “Ask me anything” poll on your story and you’ll see that your followers started questioning you about your daily life and professional life. This will connect you with them and they will remain your followers for a long. 

Stay consistent

Interacting with your audience decreases the risk of losing followers.

Staying consistent is another very important aspect that people use to stay connected and stay updated with their followers.

Staying inconsistent will let your audience unfollow you because you are not providing them with the information for which they started following you.

Things that we should avoid while using Instagram

We know that Instagram is a popular social media platform and because of this, there are also some frauds that are happening around the globe in the name of Instagram hacks. We urge you to stay away from these kinds of frauds.

You’ll see so many apps on the play store that promise you from providing you the best hacks for Instagram to provide you with the names of the person who stalks you every day. Some also promise to provide you the high-quality images of profiles of someone, then please don’t trust these applications. 

These apps will surely provide you with the service but it can be very risky for your account, your account will no more only yours after that.

Because they ask for the id and password of the login and you log in, then they will have your id and password and they can use it for illegal purposes.

There are so many cases where people used these kinds of apps and then their accounts got banned permanently by Instagram. They get the message which says “You have violated the terms and conditions of Instagram” and you literally know nothing about that. So be aware of these kinds of fraud applications. 


We hope you found this article about Instagram Story Viewer Order helpful.

In this article, we talked about how Instagram determines the story viewer order, how it really works, and why some people are always at the top than others.

The more you interact with your followers, the more likely it is that your story will appear first in their Instagram story order. This attracts followers’ attention to your profile and raises your engagement rate.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have about the order of Instagram Story viewers. Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Instagram story viewers in order?

According to the latest Instagram algorithms, Because the first 50 views are based on chronological order, whoever sees your story first gets at the top of the viewer’s rating, if you have fewer than 50 views.
This is how your Instagram story viewing order works if there are fewer than 50 users.

What determines the order of Instagram story viewers?

The order of Instagram story viewers is determined by many factors like who interacts with your posts, like your posts, and visits your profile oftentimes.

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