What is avc block list on Android Phones? 2023

Many people want to know what is avc block list on Android Phones and how to turn it off.

If you are searching for the best answer to this problem and not finding it, we can understand your frustration. The AVC block list is found on every Android phone, but only a few know how to properly use it.

We made this article to let you know about this feature and discuss with you some do’s and don’t that everyone should know before stepping ahead. 

People frequently discover developer options in their smartphones, but no one knows how to use them; however, there may be some people who are aware of small tricks within the developer options, such as stopping background data consumption, stopping background running apps, and many more. 

Enabling the developer option could be safe and risky at the same time because if your phone goes into the wrong hands, it could be dangerous. After making some changes, the person can easily access your phone without it turning on. 

But if you have your phone in your hands and can keep it with you safely, then there’s nothing to be worried about. 

Similarly, the AVC block list is also a feature of the developer option, which is used by app developers to prevent their apps from malfunctioning. Let’s talk about this in detail. 

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What is avc block list on Samsung developer options?

What is avc block list on Android Phones

AVC stands for advanced video coding. App developers use it to prevent non-compliant codecs from causing their apps to malfunction in any way. 

This feature will only be available in the developer options on Samsung devices. As we know, Samsung puts much more effort into bringing the best privacy and security to users than other smartphone brands. This option is the result of Samsung’s efforts. 

What does avc block list do?

The AVC block list is a feature found in Samsung devices’ developer options that app developers use to prevent non-compliant codecs from affecting their apps.

The list contains IP addresses or domains that the AVC (Advanced Video Coding) technology has blocked. It aids in the proper operation of apps and the prevention of potential problems caused by non-compliant codecs.

Should I turn off avc block list?

Because the option is enabled by default on all devices, turning it off could be dangerous. We don’t recommend turning it off; keeping it on has no effect on your device and instead provides extra security for your data.

The company itself knows that keeping it on would be better for the user, that’s why they have turned on the feature by default. 

Furthermore, whether it is a Samsung or another mobile phone, the developer options are always hidden. Because mobile companies know that there is no need for this feature for a moderate mobile user, if someone needs it, he can enable it. 

How to turn off avc block list?

steps to turn off avc block list

If you still want to turn it off, then follow these steps to successfully turn it off.

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone. 
  • Now search for the build number and tap on it seven times. 
  •  Once you hit that build number seven times, you have successfully unlocked the developer option on your device. 
  • Now search for the developer option (Usually at the bottom of the settings).
  • On scrolling down to the network section, there will be an option named “Turn off avc block list”. 
  • Toggle it on to turn it off. 

Video Guide:


So that was all about this article. We hope you liked it and learned something valuable from it. At last, we just wanna say that, do proper research before coming to a conclusion.

Because sometimes people make changes in the settings without doing proper research and then regret it. 

And don’t forget to leave your thoughts about this article in the comment section.

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Is the AVC block list feature available on all Android phones and tablets?

The AVC block list feature is mainly found on Samsung Android devices and tablets.

What exactly is the Android developer option?

Developer options is a feature found in the settings menu of Android devices that provides additional tools and settings for advanced users and app developers

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