What is com.bbk.launcher2 on Android phones? Is it safe?

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Vivo Smartphones is one of the major manufacturers of smartphones in the world, but in recent years, the growth has gotten lower every month. However, there could be so many reasons behind this, but most youth love Vivo smartphones for their better performance.

Most people became concerned after seeing this package file because they had not seen any BBK apps on their handsets. Because people are unaware that this is related to the launcher, they believe it is malware or spyware.

Now, one thing should be noted: here, BBK indicates the BBK Electronics Corporation that owns Vivo, Oppo, Oneplus, and Realme. And Oppo has its own launcher with the package name com.oppo.launcher.

Now let’s discuss this in more detail and give you some important points related to this launcher.

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What is com.bbk.launcher2?

com.bbk.launcher2 explained

As we discussed above, com.bbk.launcher2 is a package of the Vivo system launcher, which is obviously exclusive to Vivo smartphones. Usually, Vivo comes with a customized version of Android on their smartphones.

This launcher is undoubtedly great in so many ways that it totally changes the look of an Android smartphone.

It comes with so many gesture-based navigations, which work well to save time while scrolling. Vivo has worked on its launcher for years, making it smooth and appealing.

This launcher is exclusive to Vivo phones, so it doesn’t come on other smartphones. Different smartphones have different launchers with their touch, but that small touch definitely impacts the overall experience.

Like other launchers, this is also loaded with amazing features like screen recording, one-handed mode, game mode, app clone, smart motion, easy-share, theme store, and many more.

You can access and customize the launcher according to your preferences by going to Settings > Home Screen > Home Screen Style.

What does used.com.bbk.launcher2 mean?

This “used.com.bbk.launcher2” simply means that your device is using this file. People often get confused by this “used” file, but there is no need to worry about it.

As we have written articles about these types of package files based on our experience, we ensure that this is nothing but a depiction of the file in use.

What are the permissions granted to the Vivo system launcher?

Being a launcher on Vivo phones, it definitely has some important access. But there is nothing to be worried about because it’s a system-level app and comes pre-installed by the company.

Here are some of the permissions granted to this app:

  • Read settings.
  • Access to some sensors.
  • Access to Wi-Fi.
  • Permission to set wallpaper.

And many more permissions like these are the basic permissions of almost every app. So there is nothing to be worried about.

Is com.bbk.launcher2 safe?

Is com.bbk.launcher2 virus

Safety is always a big concern when encountering an unknown smartphone app.

Any system-level app should be built with safety in mind, and any app that provides safety and transparently communicates every move with the user is labelled as a safe app in our minds.

Those system-level apps by big tech giants always undergo security certifications from various security organizations. This also means that this launcher app has proper certifications and is safe to use.

Certifications from state-level security organizations simply mean this app is safe to install. One thing should be followed here: users have to stay updated with the latest versions of that app; only then is the app considered safe.

Can I disable or uninstall com.bbk.launcher2?

Can I disable com.bbk.launcher2

As a system-level app, it has been the smartphone’s default launcher. Usually, companies don’t allow the user to delete the system-level app but only give the option to disable it.

They know that deleting it without an alternate option could cause a serious operating system breakdown.

But this doesn’t mean we can’t apply new launchers to your smartphones. As we apply new third-party launchers, the default one gets temporarily disabled.


So that was all about this article. We hope you liked it and learned a lot from it.

Basically, this is the package for the Vivo system launcher. The Vivo system launcher is an official launcher for some models of Vivo smartphones. It is also clear from this fact that this package file is always seen on Vivo’s phone.

In wrapping up this article, we want to say that you shouldn’t delete the pre-installed system apps without proper knowledge about the app. Because it could be an essential system-level app and cause serious technical issues immediately after removal.

At last, we want to say thanks for staying with us till the end of the article. We hope that you get your answer from this article. Don’t forget to leave a beautiful comment in the comment section. Thank you!

Can I download com.bbk.launcher2 on my non-Vivo smartphone?

No, com.bbk.launcher2 is exclusive to Vivo smartphones and cannot be downloaded or installed on non-Vivo devices.

What are some third-party launchers for Vivo phones?

Many great third-party launchers are available for Android devices, like Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, Aio Launcher, etc.

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